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Michael George Knight
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I am Michael George Knight, and I am the founder of the world's largest free book summary website in written, video and audio format; and author of the book 'Success in 50 Steps.' I have dedicated a decade of my time to educating millions of people through my book summaries and I am here today to help you turn your gifts, goals and dreams into reality. The one thing I know for sure, you have to stop thinking you can do it on your own.

You need a coach, mentor and wise counsel to guide, teach and direct you in the most important area of your life. My mission: Is to make your dreams a reality and create the lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of!
Do yourself a favour and take a chance on your dreams, book a free zoom call with me now!
Michael George Knight is an Australian based Researcher, Writer, YouTuber, Podcaster and founder of the world’s largest free book summary website with over 500 video, audio and written book summaries featured on the site. His main field of study and passion is in the area of personal development, having spent over a decade researching his first book, “Success in 50 Steps”, which takes the reader through the process of taking their dream out of their head into reality. Michael has condensed the science of personal achievement into a practical straightforward no nonsense book featuring a treasure trove of quotations.
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