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With Over 13 Years Years Of Research And 500 Book Summaries Later I Bring You My Personal Formula To Making "2021 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER" 

Have PASSION for it
Make it your PURPOSE
Turn it into GOALS
Set out PLANS
Expand your TIME frame
Come up with IDEAS
Use your MIND
Direct your THOUGHTS
BELIEVE in yourself
Have the right ATTITUDE
ATTRACT what you want
Become intensely FOCUSED
Always be taking ACTION
WORK on your goals
Develop winning HABITS
CHANGE your circle
Use FAILURE as feedback
Walk into FEARS
COURAGE to be unique
Self-DISCIPLINE is the answer
Focus on RESULTS
Get your MONEY right
Become a WINNER

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How To Dreaming, Planning, Acting and Failing are the keys to success.

​How To Unlock your True Potential

​How To Leverage OPT and OPM to reach success
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Dynamically Updated
28 Steps to Making 2021 Your Best Year Ever COURSE!
($997 Value)
Be walked through the 28 Steps to Making 2021 Your Best Year Ever with over 28 steps and lessons by the author and founder of Michael George Knight. 
28 Steps to Living Your Dream Life Workbook 
($67 Value)
This physical workbook makes it simple for you to map out your dreams out of your head into a physical workbook.
28 Steps to Living Your Dream Life eBook 
($37 Value)
This eBook gives you the most update formula for making your dreams a reality. 
Success in 50 Steps: The Proven Formula That Works 
($29 Value)
Success in 50 Steps has been 10 years in the making, with the author researching and compiling over 500 book summaries into video, audio and written format on his website The book takes the reader through the steps of taking their dreams out of their head and making them a reality. Walking the reader through the steps to success such as dreams, passions, desire, purpose, goals, planning, time, knowledge, ideas, thinking, beliefs, attitude, action, work, habits, happiness, growth, failure, fear, courage, motivation, persistence, discipline, results and success. With the pathway to success outlined in 50 easy steps, anyone can put into practice the wisdom to take their personal dreams and goals out of their head into reality. 
150 Best Book Bits Summaries 
($2,850 Worth of Books Value)
Over 2,500 Pages Broken Up Into Five Part PDF Box Set

All Your Favorite Authors featured such as:

Stephen R. Covey, Gary Vaynerchuk, Jordan Peterson, Yuval Noah Harari, Tom Butler-Bowdon, Eckhart Tolle, James Allen, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Ayn Rand, James Clear, Ram Dass, Joe Dispenza, Zig Ziglar, Michael Matthews, David Goggins, Robert Kiyosaki, Vishen Lakhiani, Osho, Brene Brown, Cal Newport, Jocko Willink, Patrick Bet David, Russell Brunson, Brian Tracy, Joel Fuhrman, Ashlee Vance and Mark Manson

Who is Michael George Knight?
Michael George Knight is an Australian based Researcher, Writer, YouTuber, Podcaster and founder of the world’s largest free book summary website with over 500 video, audio and written book summaries featured on the site.

His main field of study and passion is in the area of personal development, having spent over a decade researching his first book, “Success in 50 Steps”, which takes the reader through the process of taking their dream out of their head into reality.

Michael has condensed the science of personal achievement into a practical straightforward no nonsense book featuring a treasure trove of quotations. 

  • Course "28 Steps to Making 2021 Your Best Year" ($997 Value)
  • Workbook 28 Steps to Living Your Dream Life  ($67 Value)
  • eBook 28 Steps to Living Your Dream Life ($37 Value)
  • BONUSPHYSICAL BOOK Success in 50 Steps ($29 Value)
  • FREE 150 Best Book Bits Summaries ($2850 Worth of Books)
Total Value: $997
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